Performance Testing

Builds performance quality into your systems, using the best tools to fit with your infrastructure and architecture.

Performance Testing from Ten10

Our Performance testing service provides assurance that a system will perform at an acceptable level when there is a high number of users or volume of data throughput. We typically use specialist simulation software to replicate the user loads and data volumes predicted during peak load.


We recommend that performance testing is incorporated as early as possible in the systems development life cycle (SDLC) – in partnership with performance engineering – to identify and resolve issues. Clients who adopt an integrated approach and build performance into their products enjoy much greater trust from their users and importantly minimise associated reputational risk.


Our performance testing specialists carry out a discovery phase with clients to determine exactly how the application or system is used in order to accurately design truly reflective performance test scenarios. We are skilled in the design of performance test frameworks to simulate your product’s behaviour with a range of conditions to determine if it is capable of supporting a predefined volume of business transactions during a set period.


Clients are presented with clear, user-friendly performance test reports. We help clients to understand and diagnose performance issues, as well as identifying opportunities to improve system quality through tuning and optimisation.

Service Offerings

  • Performance test audit
  • Performance test strategy and consultancy
  • Design of performance test frameworks
  • Selection and advice on performance test tooling
  • Capacity benchmarking
  • Component and system benchmarking
  • Performance engineering (tuning and optimisation)
  • Managed performance test services


  • Ensure your systems are fit-for-purpose to handle requisite numbers of users / data
  • Maximise your budget by identifying and focusing development work on aspects that are constraining your system
  • Applicable for any development project – with or without non-functional requirements
  • Performance testing for load, peak and soak scenarios
  • Easy-to-understand reporting and analysis on load simulation to help you understand and analyse your system behaviour
  • Capacity analysis to benchmark your system performance
  • Tool agnostic, the best choice of tool based on your technology stack, SDLC and skillset of in-house teams
  • Performance tuning and optimisation to improve system quality and increase user satisfaction

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Achieve ongoing cost reductions and increase user trust by tackling the increasing need for highly performant systems through our proven Performance Testing service.

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The client was in the process of developing a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that would be used by local councils to offer services to the public, with the additional aim of building best processes and practices.

Performance testing custom code in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


Ten10 was tasked with discovering and reporting on the reasons behind inconsistently poor performance of its custom CRM code in a variety of different end-user circumstances.

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