Mobile Testing

Expert testing for clients who are developing adaptive websites or native apps for mobile and tablet devices.

Mobile testing from Ten10

Mobile testing relates to services concerned with testing on non-desktop devices such as mobiles and tablets, and across an array of browsers. Mobile testing is a vital part of the successful development of responsive and adaptive websites as well as of native apps that will be used on browsers or tablets. The increasing use of these devices presents unique testing challenges that this service addresses by using specific practices and techniques.


The Mobile Service makes use of key Automation, Performance and Functional Testing practices to best fit with the challenges. The actual behaviour of the product is ensured by practices such as Compatibility Testing using structured Exploratory Testing rather than a traditional scripted approach. Automation is leveraged to provide scaled testing against actual devices or emulators. Relevant techniques are employed for both performance and usability testing, that are specific to web-based technology to ensure a speedy and responsive interface.

Service Offerings

  • Mobile Test Audit, Strategy and Consultancy
  • Mobile Functional, Compatibility and Usability Testing
  • Mobile Automation
  • Mobile Performance


  • Highly efficient and effective testing across a multitude of devices and browsers
  • Assess your current capability and provide recommendations
  • Provide strategic direction for Mobile Testing
  • Mobile Labs – Testing across a range of emulators, devices and browsers
  • Automation and Performance services designed specifically for Mobile

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