Software-based testing enables you to increase test coverage, reduce test cycle times and improve time-to-market. Automated testing can be used to perform information-driven and repeatable test scripts, freeing up valuable human resource to use their pattern-based intelligence to identify and deliver meaningful insights for clients.

Our pragmatic approach means we will assess your systems and technology stack to make informed recommendations about the best-fit automated testing solution according to your business needs and capabilities. We ensure maximum return on investment is delivered through the right balance of test and technology capabilities irrespective of whether your chosen software development lifecycle (SDLC) is a Waterfall, Agile or hybrid approach.

At Ten10 we are highly experienced with the most commonly-used licenced and open-source automated testing tools for each main technology stack. We take an agnostic approach, meaning the best-fit combination of automated testing tool(s) are chosen based on your specific requirements.

Automated testing services

Ten10 Benefits

  • Deliver increased ROI from your test automation
  • Increase test coverage without increasing test cycle times
  • Scale testing across large numbers of browsers and platforms without increasing associated costs
  • Reduce test cycle times and improve time-to-market
  • Overcome testing challenges that are hard to manually execute
  • Identify and use the best-fit tools based on your technology stack, SDLC and in-house skills

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