Automated Testing

Software-based testing that can increase test coverage, reduce test cycle times or to improve time to market in Agile environments.

Automated Testing from Ten10

In automated testing, specialist software is used to run predefined test scripts, rather than a human executing them manually. An automated test approach enables repetitive but necessary testing to be undertaken in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. Software can efficiently and reliably be used to perform information-driven and repeatable test scripts, freeing up valuable human resource to use their pattern-based intelligence to identify and deliver meaningful insights for clients.


Automated testing can be used to complement manual testing, and is most beneficial in scenarios where scalability or repeatability of testing is a consideration or alternatively in circumstances where manual testing is not an option, such as systems without a graphical interface.


Our automated testing service team apply their expertise across any platform, technology or industry. We are proficient in a broad range of programming languages and can make use of both open source libraries and off-the-shelf commercial tools including; web-based automation, automation of thick clients and automation against other technical interfaces within your products.

Service Offerings

  • Automated testing audit, strategy and consultancy
  • Design and implementation of automated testing frameworks
  • Selection and advice on automated testing tooling
  • Automated testing scripting and executing


  • Reduce test cycle times and improve time-to-market
  • Increase test coverage without increasing test cycle times
  • Overcome testing challenges that are hard to manually execute
  • Scale testing across large numbers of browsers and platforms without increasing associated costs
  • Make long-term savings through the ability to repeat testing quickly and cost effectively
  • Tool agnostic, the best choice of tool based on your technology stack, SDLC and skillset of in-house teams

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